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Farm-to-Fork Approach

The Challenge

Solid’Africa is a Rwandan non-profit organization created to tackle nutrition insecurity in public hospitals. Due to financial difficulties in the local health sector, family members of patients have been tasked with the heavy burden of providing for their loved ones in the hospital.


Our mission is to ensure that patients are provided with the adequate nutrition required to recover, as well as alleviate this task for their families. This is innovatively done through our “farm to fork” sustainable approach, which tailors medically constructed meals, three times a day, for in house patients.

Farm our our produce

Our farm-to-fork approach begins right at the farms with meal prep. Meal prep is super important, especially for kitchens like MSGK that cook large meals. It helps ensure we have fresh, delicious ingredients ready to create amazing dishes for our guests.

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Prepare medically tailored meals at our Mike Stenbock Gemura Kitchen

Our medically tailored meals are prepared by highl trained and experienced chefs.

Food Delivery

We deliver and serve meals to five hospitals, three times a day.  

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Help us end nutrition insecurity

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