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Our Impact

Our work to feed vulnerable patients helps alleviate the burden on patients' families and we are working towards ensuring that every patient has access to proper nutrition during their hospital stay.

Over 7 million meals served and

close to 600,000 patients

served since inception.

Contributed to the creation of 176 jobs.

Hospitals and 4 COVID-19 centers

Success Stories

"Niyigena Ndajiye was hospitalized for two years. The 14-year-old’s father, Ndagijimana Theogene, said that those days were dark and they had sold their two small farms to pay for Niyigena’s hospitalization expenses. They had run out of money but he was still ill. A bottle of his prescribed medicine was 120,000Rwf ($120) and they were spending 360,000Rwf ($360) weekly on medicine alone which they couldn’t afford. “Solid’Africa came as a beacon of light in those dark times, right when we were about to give up on his recovery, not only did they constantly bring us meals, but they also covered other medical expenses, and paid for the operation that got him discharged.” Ndagijimana said. Niyigena is now healthy and attending school."

Niyigena Ndajiye

"I got to know Solid’Africa in 2010, I was constantly in and out of the hospital. They served food to me and other patients.I was constantly doing medical tests, and my family had spent all the money they had on my hospital expenses. They had sold some cattle as well as a farm they owned. In 2013, Solid’Africa paid for an operation, which enabled me to make a complete recovery, bringing an end to my 10-yearlong hospital journey. I started volunteering with Solid’Africa and I now work as a field officer."

Nduhungirehe Janvier

“I was admitted to Kibagabaga Hospital for two weeks. I had an infection from my cesarean surgery. Solid’Africa’s field officer served food to me daily. I am from Kabuye and it was too far for people to come to visit me or bring me food. I am grateful for Solid’Africa because I couldn’t afford the food on my own.”

Munyamahoro Angelique

"My newborn son was admitted to Masaka hospital, on oxygen, for nearly three months.He was admitted on 13th December 2021 and was released from the hospital in February.Solid’Africa served food to us three times daily.We also received hygiene products like food, soap, Vaseline, sanitary pads, and pampers.Receiving food and hygiene products from Solid’Africa helped me not to worry about the expenses.I am from Gikomero and it was far from the hospital."

Mutuyimana Diane

"My daughter Niyomuremyi Belise was admitted while she was in a coma. She was diagnosed with severe typhoid and malaria. Solid Africa gave us food, which has helped with her recovery. If Solid’Africa had not served the food, I would have resorted to begging. My daughter gets a special diet because she cannot eat regular food. Her health has improved significantly, she can now walk and see and recognize people. I am grateful for Solid’Africa and its service."

Uwiragiye Solange

"I had sold my farm to cover my medical expenses and hospital stay and all I had left was a place to sleep. Solid’Africa field officers served me food daily and paid for my medical expenses. The organization also facilitated my back-and-forth trips between the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK) and my hometown, Huye, in the southern province. In 2015, the organization paid for an operation that helped me make a full recovery."

Jean Marie Ngirente


2021 Annual Report.pdf.jpg

In 2021, Solid'Africa served meals to over 4 millions patients.

Solid'Africa 2022 Annual Report .jpg

In 2022, Solid'Africa served meals to over 5 millions patients.

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