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Solid'Africa's programs are more than initiatives; they are a testament to the transformative power of compassion and collective action. In the heart of their endeavors lies a commitment to fostering sustainable change, where every project resonates with a deep understanding of the local communities they serve, creating a ripple effect of hope and empowerment.

The Challenge

Food insecurity refers to the lack of consistent access to sufficient food. On the other hand, nutrition insecurity refers specifically to inadequate intake or absorption of essential nutrients, resulting in malnutrition or deficiencies in key nutrients. Nutrition insecurity is a widespread problem in Rwanda, due to high-cost food, limited access to nutritious meals, and lack of awareness. 

Who is affected:

Nutrition insecurity affects various segments of the population. 70% of the population lives on subsistence agriculture resulting in 38% of Rwandans living on less than $2/day. The latter are particularly vulnerable to nutrition insecurity due to limited dietary options. Moreover, the cost of one meal is sometimes 1.5 times higher than the daily wage of low-income Rwandans.


This problem goes beyond rural areas, affecting public and private institutions: 

  1. Meals are not included in the hospital stay at public hospitals.

  2. In public schools, students receive meals with low nutritional value.  

The consequences:

The effects include higher dropout rates and lower academic performance in schools, longer recovery times and increased healthcare costs in hospitals. At the population level, lifestyle-related non-communicable diseases have overtaken infectious diseases as the main cause of mortality, affecting one in three Rwandans. 

The Solution

Solid’Africa addresses nutrition insecurity by recognizing the crucial interplay between household income, nutrition awareness, and the availability and accessibility of healthy food. Our holistic program implements interventions across these areas to

1) Solve immediate needs and

2) Foster sustainable change through long-term solutions.

We operate three synergistic programs: 

Our Programs

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Nutrition Education Program

Aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness about nutrition to encourage better dietary practices. This program supports our beneficiaries in maintaining healthy diets and extends to health professionals and hospitality practitioners, emphasizing nutrition in healthcare delivery and culinary arts.

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Sustainable Agriculture for Economic Empowerment

Tackling poverty as a major factor in nutrition insecurity, our goal is to enhance the economic standing of the poorest communities through sustainable agriculture. We boost their purchasing power and dietary diversity by improving farming capacity with regenerative practices and offering a stable market for their produce.

To learn more about our programs, get involved today.

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