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We feed 1500 people three times a day. Help us end nutrition insecurity in public and private institutions. 

Meal prep

Our farm-to-fork journey begins right on the farms. Visitors and volunteers get to join in on exciting activities like meal prep. This means getting hands-on with tasks like peeling green bananas, sweet potatoes, and Irish potatoes, as well as chopping veggies like cabbage and carrots. Meal prep is super important, especially for kitchens like MSGK that cook large meals. It helps ensure we have fresh, delicious ingredients ready to create amazing dishes for our guests.

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Mike Stenbock Gemura Kitchen Visit

Step inside the Mike Stenbock Gemura Kitchen, where you'll have an exclusive peek behind the scenes of our bustling culinary hub. This unique opportunity allows you to explore the inner workings of our kitchen, where you can witness our impressive semi-automated large cooking machines in action, making the heart of our operation hum with efficiency.

Food Delivery

Delivering nourishing meals to vulnerable patients marks the final and most vital stage of our farm-to-fork journey. It's the culmination of all our efforts, ensuring a seamless daily operation. When our visitors and volunteers engage in our process, they not only gain valuable insights but also experience the profound impact of our services and the compelling reasons behind our mission to serve those in need. We invite you to be a part of this meaningful journey, savoring the delectable fruits of our labor and witnessing the positive change that your support can bring to those we serve. Join us in making a difference and relishing the satisfying results of our unwavering commitment!

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Help us end nutrition insecurity

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