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A key feature of our Nutrition Education Program is the 2025 launch of the Institute for Culinary Arts and Nutrition (ICAN), aimed at training 300 culinary professionals annually. This innovative curriculum equips chefs to create both delectable and nutritious meals, positioning them as influencers in promoting healthier food choices. This has the potential to revolutionize the hospitality/private sector, with establishments offering health-conscious menus, meeting the rising demand for healthier dining options.

Institute of Culinary Art and Nutrition

Currently, Solid’Africa covers 70% of the public hospitals in Kigali. To scale its operations nationwide and feed patients in all 47 district hospitals, Solid'Africa is finalizing a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the Ministry of Health. However, a major challenge in its scaling objectives is the scarcity of trained chefs, sous-chefs and other food preparation professionals in Rwanda. In Rwanda, there is a major need for skilled labor in HoReCa (Hotel Restaurants and Café) Industry. In fact, only 2% of graduates in tourism and hospitality specialize in culinary arts (Brookings Institution, 2022) and nearly 76% of professionals in the food preparation sector lack nutrition knowledge (Isaiah, 2022). 


ICAN will bring a unique curriculum designed to equip our trainees with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the hospitality and service industry. The curriculum is heavily centered on practice and is designed by international experts from Drexel University Food Lab. The curriculum will train 300 Rwandans per year.  


Upon completion of the ICAN program, 50% trainees will be hired within Solid’Africa, while the remaining 50% will be hired by tourism industry (Hotels and Restaurants). In fact, many hotels and restaurants have already committed to hiring 221 trainees per year which is a testament to the important need of skilled labor in culinary arts. The framework of our partnership with those hotels involves good working conditions and minimum salary range to ensure we are creating fulfilling and dignified jobs. 


Why is ICAN Innovative? 


Innovative curriculum: the curriculum will integrate the disciplines of nutrition and culinary arts, two fields that are typically studied independently. By bridging the gap between nutrition science and culinary expertise, Solid’Africa aims to foster a holistic approach to health-conscious culinary practices. This interdisciplinary approach will foster a deeper appreciation for the connection between food, health, and overall well-being, ultimately leading to healthier and more sustainable food practices in our communities.  


Hands-on curriculum: With a Curriculum focused on turning theory into practice, the ICAN training center will create skilled labor that is ready for the workplace. In fact, the curriculum has been designed to fit the needs of employers. 

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