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Our Farms

Solid Africa Farms is entirely nourished by our naturally fertilized soil, which is fed by our zero waste initiative. This allows for sustainable, healthy, and efficient plant growth. 

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What do we grow?

Along its extensive landscape, Solid Africa is home to a prosperous growth of countless crops. These include a wide range of fruits such as sweet potatoes, avocados, lemons, wild tomatoes, guavas, bananas, and many more. To keep things green, the farm is also home to vegetables such as cabbage, beetroot, cassava, celery, carrots, and many more, as well as roots and grains like rice. These are then taken through our farm to food approach to supply our kitchen with the vast majority of it’s ingredients. 

Meet our farmers

Solid Africa Farms employs a variety of experts in the farming industry, notably women who range in age from 19 to 65. They work in teams, sharing individual skills to collaborate and produce at an incredibly productive rate. This creates a wonderful bond between our farm employees and a great environment for them to work in and succeed in. 

Farming Leafy Greens_edited.jpg

Who else is the farm home to?

Solid Africa Farms spreads across nine beautiful acres, allowing for a healthy cohabitation with Rwanda’s wild life. Upon a visit to the farm, one should expect to encounter countless species of Rwanda’s beautiful birds, which include the African sacred ibis, the Saddle-billed stork, the Peregrine Falcon, and many more. It is also home to a vast amount of wild and traditional medicinal plants that are unique to the area. 

Help us end nutrition insecurity

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