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Solid'Africa Community Benefit Company (CBC) emerged as a sustainable solution within Solid'Africa, scalable to address nutrition insecurity beyond vulnerable patients. It tackles the challenge faced by low-income schools and factory workers who grapple with providing a consistent supply of quality and nutritious food for students and employees due to budget constraints.

Catering service

At Solid’Africa, our Farm to Fork Model is like a one-stop-shop! We take care of everything from growing our own food on the farms to delivering meals to the people who need them. This helps us control costs and make sure the food we provide is top-notch for the health of those we help.


Kitchen management services

Solid’Africa is diversifying income through its Community Benefit Company (CBC) launched in 2021. The CBC engages in profitable ventures aligned with our mission, such as selling healthy meals and kitchen management services. These activities not only support our nonprofit work but also aim for the CBC to contribute 30% to our nonprofit in 5 years, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable growth and impact.

To learn more about our programs, get involved today.

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