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Sustainable Agriculture for Economic Empowerment Program 

This program is aimed at lifting rural farming communities out of poverty. This demographic represents 70% of Rwanda’s population and is the most affected by poverty induced nutrition insecurity with over 30% of children under 5 suffering from child-malnutrition.  

The economic empowerment program to be piloted over a two-year period will include three key components; 

  • Farmer training and support through the more sustainable Farmer Field School approach. 

  • Providing access to farm inputs by establishing strategic partnerships with input suppliers and availing an input credit facility to increase affordability for low-income farmers.  

  • Provide access to a reliable market by purchasing farmer produce through Solid’Africa’s commercial arm.  


Expected outcome:   

  • 40% to 71% increase in Farm productivity (depending on the crops) 

  • 30% reduction in post-harvest waste 

  • 40% increase in household income for farmers earning up to $2/day 

  • 180% increase in household income for farmers earning up to $1/day 


Pilot Target Group: 

Solid’Africa will initially work with two cooperatives with a total of 4,500 farmers: 

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