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Solid’Africa is a Rwandan non-profit organization created to tackle nutrition insecurity in public hospitals. Due to financial difficulties in the local health sector, family members of patients have been tasked with the heavy burden of providing for their loved ones in the hospital. Our mission is to ensure that patients are provided with the adequate nutrition required to recover, as well as alleviate this task for their families. This is innovatively done through our “farm to fork” sustainable approach, which tailors medically constructed meals, three times a day, for in house patients.

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Nutrition Access Program

Designed to provide timely nutritious meals to vulnerable groups for whom immediate access to nutrition is critical. We focus on low-income patients in public hospitals, individuals with NCDs, pregnant women and children, HIV/AIDS patients, and school children in public schools.

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Nutrition Education Program

Aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness about nutrition to encourage better dietary practices. This program supports our beneficiaries in maintaining healthy diets and extends to health professionals and hospitality practitioners, emphasizing nutrition in healthcare delivery and culinary arts.

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Sustainable Agriculture for Economic Empowerment

Tackling poverty as a major factor in nutrition insecurity, our goal is to enhance the economic standing of the poorest communities through sustainable agriculture. We boost their purchasing power and dietary diversity by improving farming capacity with regenerative practices and offering a stable market for their produce.

Help us end nutrition insecurity

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