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Despite 93% of the population having access to public health insurance, food is not included during hospital stays, which leaves low-income patients without access to food.  And even for those who can afford to pay for meals, the available options are neither nutritious nor tailored to meet their medical needs. At Solid’Africa we feed 1500 patients daily, thrice a day, in 5 public hospitals, through our farm to fork approach.  


Through this model we can ensure the quality of the meals we serve to patients and reduce the cost by controlling the entire value chain.  


Over 7 Million meals delivered  


Close to 600,000 patients fed  



Public Private Partnership

On November 29, 2023, the Government of Rwanda approved a Memorandum of Agreement enabling Solid’Africa to initiate a pilot project, during which Solid’Africa will establish and operate on-site kitchens in three public hospitals to provide nutritious meals for patients. This MoU lays the foundation for Solid’Africa’s expansion to cover all public  hospitals nationwide (47).  


Long-Term Goals: 

Influence policy shifts in integrating nutrition into Rwanda’s Universal Health Coverage program that benefits over 90% of the population. 

Coming soon: School feeding Program 

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Solid'Africa is currently developing a pilot project to enhance the school feeding program. The program’s objective is to increase the nutritional value of meals served to students.  

To learn more about our programs, get involved today.

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